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Industrial services

Extensive experience in providing services for any industrial demand

Every need is catered for, from the design of spaces to the manufacture of delivery systems for gas, chemicals and industrial facilities, till materials provisioning and costomer's budget control.


The best partner for any system and service need

Experience, skills, flexibility and know-how make Meridionale Impianti the ideal partner for any industrial service including:


 A single reference point for all system issues

We provide customised turnkey solutions to meet specific requirements.

Meridionale Impianti aims to be special partner for the customer, a single point of contact for all issues related to the maintenance of industrial plants and facilities, allowing a single service interface and a reduction in coordination and overlap of operations and management costs.

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A successful story.


Since 1976 we take care of the systems of one of the biggest Semiconductors producer in the world. MI service quality and its fast time-to-market changed a single supply into a successful partnership enduring right now.

Plants and systems

A strong expertise in plant since 1975

impianti e sistemi

Meridionale Impianti has a strong experience in manufacturing and installation of electrical, mechanical and plumbing systems.

Each solution is designed according to Customer requirement.


We have everything under control

AutomazioneWith more than 20 years experience in design and development of Operation and Maintenance Management Systems, Meridionale Impianti realizes innovative Automation Systems for industrial and civil segment.