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Meridionale Impianti is a supplier of innovative products and services, in both industrial and residential sectors.

The company offers turnkey solutions with fast time-to-market turnaround and competitive prices.

During its longterm presence in the field of industrial technology, it has worked closely with its customers and partners to provide solutions designed to their specific needs: gas and pure chemicals delivery systems, for semiconductors production and photovoltaic modules; clean rooms; electrical panels and plants; bulk gas; gas cabinet; control and facilities management; water and waste treatment; automation and monitoring systems.

Meridionale Impianti is also active in the market with strategic alliances with STMicroelectronics, Invensys, Poste Italiane, Micron, Texas Instruments, Philips, MEMC, IRCI, Pirelli and much more.

PV plants for Business and Consumers

Meridionale Impianti is also focused on the Consumer market with a competitive offer of innovative turnkey PV systems, built according to customer requirements.

Specific competences applied ti diverse areas

The competencies and expertise of MI can be applied to all industrial sectors including:


A successful story.


Since 1976 we take care of the systems of one of the biggest Semiconductors producer in the world. MI service quality and its fast time-to-market changed a single supply into a successful partnership enduring right now.


Turn on the light on your future

impianto fotovoltaico

Design and installation of customized systems for energy production from sun.

Turnkey PV Systems or Kit Package for installators.



Extensive plant experience applied to electrical energy

Meridionale Impianti provides turnkey traditional power plants: generation, transmission and distribution; power generation from different renewable sources.