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Research & Development

Projects that devise the Future

Meridionale Impianti is constantly enhancing its know-how through continuous R&D activities, allowing to provide innovative solutions for Industrial and Solar sectors.

In collaboration with University and Research Centers, the company is able to design and produce prototypes for different technological applications including Microelectronics, Semiconductors, Renewable Energy, Medicine.


Projects currently in progress:

  • PLASIA:Amorphous Silicon Plasma Deposition on Plastic Surface
  • AGROGENO: Energy production from industrial exhausts (patented)
  • FIT: Development of innovative PV Systems (under Patent process)
  • MIDROGEN: Hydrogen recovery from industrial waste
  • New generation PV Plant with high efficiency
  • MYENERGY: Pilot service center with operations for Energy saving
  • PROGETTO DI FILIERA DISTRETTO ETNA VALLEY: Interactive projects for shared services and Energy sector innovation
  • AMBITION POWER: Technologies, products and processes for renewable Energy and energetic efficiency
  • NEXT FFM: Innovative equipments and solutions for traditional power plants
  • GENEO: Technological optimization of low voltage Wind Generator
  • NANOLAB: Laboratory for nanotechnologies specialized in nano-sensors
  • eVento project: new factory for a regional supply chain in Renewable Energy sector: mini wind system integrated with wind and PV concentrator system
  • CCE: Architecture for the digital management of Oncological clinical data

Collaboration with industrial partners and research institutions allows MI to create synergy to enhance its innovation capacity and to obtain faster access to new markets.

Clean rooms

Clean rooms with controlled contamination

Contamination controlled environments, or clean rooms, with cross flow or vertical flow.

In addition to the construction of new turnkey plants, the company works on the refurbishing of existing plants.


Turn on the light on your future

impianto fotovoltaico

Design and installation of customized systems for energy production from sun.

Turnkey PV Systems or Kit Package for installators.



We have everything under control

AutomazioneWith more than 20 years experience in design and development of Operation and Maintenance Management Systems, Meridionale Impianti realizes innovative Automation Systems for industrial and civil segment.