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EtnaRobot 2013

eu robotic week

26 November 2013 - Meridionale Impianti was present at EtnaRobot 2013 organized by the University of Catania (DIEEI) to understand the state of the art in robotics.

TEST Meridionale impianti was present at workshop, 26 Novembre 2013, organized by the University of Catania (DIEEI) , Prof. Giovanni Muscato.

mi eu robotic

During the workshop it was possible to see humanoid robots, aircraft for the inspections, robot for agriculture, robot for three-dimensional printing of aerospace components, insectoid  and robots for Volcano exploration.

The product presented by Meridionali Impianti was MI-Solar-Sorter, an automatic pick and place system. This automatic tool is a production unit to sort and pack solar cell dies, based on III - V compound semiconductors grown by epitaxy on 4 - inch Germanium wafers.

programma etnarobot2013

Program workshop