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MI Solar Sorter : An Automatic Pick And Place System


MI-Solar-Sorter is an automatic pick and place system. This machine is designed and built to sort and pack solar cell dies, based on III - V compound semiconductors grown by epitaxy on 4" Germanium wafers.

The pick and place tool is able to:

  • Read and elaborate files that contain the measurement data of the wafer;
  • Link each solar cell listed in the wafer measurements file to its position inside the wafer and identify the corresponding binning class to the operator’s instructions;
  • Pick up the solar cell from the pre-cut wafer. The wafer is mounted on a very sticky foil sheet;
  • Place the solar cell in the tray corresponding to the appropriate binning class;
  • Print on each tray an appropriate code (barcode + alphanumeric) identifying the production batch and relevant binning class;
  • The Vision system is able to do a visual inspection of the wafer quality and can detect the effective picking of the cell during process.

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